; Enter the Amount being refunded. Travel more with reduced Leap Capping. Leap cards can also be used as a period pass, giving unlimited travel for a certain period on certain forms of transport. We cannot order personalised Leap Cards for passengers as these are linked to personal Leap accounts through LeapCard.ie. As explained below, capping means that using the Travel Credit option will generally cost no more than a daily or weekly pass. Payzone’s agent finder allows you to find a product or service provided by payzone anywhere in Ireland Simply buy your card, Top-Up with Travel Credit or a period ticket and away you go! Once you register your TFI Leap Card, you can apply for a replacement card or a refund, depending on your card type: Adult and child cards can be replaced or refunded. (Fares valid from 1st Dec 2019) Tickets. Find a Payzone store near you. Please take time to read and understand them to help ensure that you understand our commitments to you and benefit from the … Student Leap Cards can be refunded, but not replaced (excludes initial cost of buying a card) Leap Visitor Cards cannot be refunded or replaced . The 16 - 18 card, used to be for 12 - 15. 29-10-2019, 20:39 #259: The … 1 year ago-:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -:-This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. A small trial of just 2,026 people found the vaccine had “limited efficacy… You can contact the Leap Card Customer Care Team on 1850 824 824 or customer.care@leapcard.ie. The TFI Leap Card is a contactless smart card for automated fare collection overseen by Transport for Ireland (TFI). Do you need a replacement TFI Leap Card? We provide a range of supports to Leap card holders: Save up to 31% on public transport costs in Dublin with the TFI Leap Card. Exclusive Student Deals & Cheaper Travel. The weekly cap is measured on a calendar week, starting on Monday and finishing on Sunday. Pay with TFI Leap Card across the TFI public transport network. Contact the Leap Card customer care team for any issues with your credit/tickets; Email: customer.care@leapcard.ie Please ensure that you include your Leap Card number and contact details in your email to help us respond to your query. The default office Bank Account is used. Page 19- TFI Leap Card Guide & FAQ (Updated Jan 2020) Commuting & Transport TFI Leap Card Guide & FAQ (Updated Jan 2020) Boards.ie uses cookies. THE Oxford-AstraZeneca jab is less effective against the highly infectious South African variant, early data showed. The app provides live Luas, bus, train and DART times, helping you plan your journey on the TFI public transport network. The Leap card provides excellent savings for customers compared to cash fares, being up to 31% cheaper than cash single tickets They also provide the users benefits from smart discount features such as capping and the Leap 90 discount . Student Leap Card PO Box 10549 Dublin 15. TFI Leap Card contact details. Did you know that you can register multiple cards to the same account? SOCIALISING with friends outdoors will be among the first things to come back once lockdown is eased next month, a new report claims. The TFI (Transport for Ireland) range of Apps provide you with timetable and travel information for all public transport operators. TFI Leap Card is a convenient way to pay for public transport services in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, Sligo, Athlone and Wexford. Register a TFI Leap Card Help & Support Leap Card Terms and Conditions We welcome your interest in Leap Card. User Email Address * Newsletter Subscribe About TFI Leap. https://about.leapcard.ie/contact Thanks from: The Black Oil . We are not in a position to respond directly to all feedback, however please be assured that all messages are referred to the relevant team within the National Transport Authority for action. Leap 90 Discount; Card Refund & Replacement; Help. TFI Leap Card users in the Dublin area also benefit from smart discount features such as Capping and the Leap 90 Discount. Our Terms and Conditions are set out below. You can get integrated information on train, bus, and tram services throughout Ireland, top-up your SLC and check your balance. Leap Card look after all the Leap Card validators nationwide, travel credit/tickets, top-ups, refunds and the TFI Leap Card App. Save up to 30% on public transport costs in Cork City with the TFI Leap Card. This was created to prevent unnecessary activations if you have several tickets on your Leap Card. If your comment relates to Transport for Ireland please fill in the form below. And the even greater thing is you will upload the Travel Credit when you board the bus. 在左側選擇View/Amend my TFI Leap Cards → Refund my TFI Leap Card,選擇取消原因及退款「Get a refund」,輸入歐元帳戶資料就可以囉。 西踢推薦閱讀: 歐洲旅遊上網SIM卡:EE電信英國+愛爾蘭實測,歐遊一個月的旅行首選! 愛爾蘭旅遊景點完全自助!從高威出發就靠這台公車走遍莫赫懸崖、杜林、阿 … Student Leap Card cannot process refund requests for you, all requests must go through Leap Card. To get a refund would likely mean sending the Leap Card back to them. Want to cancel your card and apply for a travel credit refund? The credit can't transfer between cards , nor between card types. The Leap Card system caps the use of travel credit, so once you have taken trips using your travel credit that add up to the equivalent to the daily or weekly cap value, you can continue to travel as normal, but no further travel credit will be taken from your card. TFI Leap Card Guide & FAQ (Updated Jan 2020) Commuting & Transport TFI Leap Card Guide & FAQ (Updated Jan 2020) ... Don't use that Leap Card - is there another one you could use? More information on TFI Leap Card Website Terms and Conditions. From September 16th-29th (inclusive) TFI Leap Card fare discounts are even bigger!. Mit dieser Fahrkarte können Touristen ohne ständigen Kartenkauf zahlreiche Sehenswürdigkeiten innerhalb der 3 Tage besuchen und Dublins schönsten Seiten entdecken. Help & Support; Top Tips; FAQs; Contact Form; TFI Leap Card Athlone. It saves you carrying cash and fares are up to 31% cheaper. If you make a lot of journeys in a day or a week, TFI Leap will automatically cap the price to help you save your money. 4. Tax Saver TFI Leap Card can also be replaced through the TFI Leap website. TFI Leap Card is a smartcard, that can be loaded with travel credit and used on Go-Ahead Ireland's buses. Report inappropriate content . Email … Children are expected to make a return to the classroom from Ma… Phone / email them - open from 7am. Using your TFI Leap Card is easy. You must register your Leap Card to request a refund or replacement card. Report inappropriate content . Thank you for taking the time to contact us. TFI Leap Card. My card is lost/has been stolen, what do I do? FAQs; Customer Care help desk contact details. We endeavour to provide Leap Card customers with an excellent service that meets or exceeds expectations. Travel Passes. If you are replacing a personalised card you may need to resubmit your photo. Bus Éireann (Dublin and surrounding counties) TFI Leap Card single fares are generally 30% cheaper than cash single tickets. Top-Up a TFI Leap Card Register a TFI Leap Card Help & Support Forgot Username Note: Kindly fill all fields marked with an asterisk. If your SLC is lost/stolen you will need to apply and pay for a new one. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. If you don’t use up all of your Travel Credit during your trip you can get a refund, see below. Home About. Home About. However, once we have the card number we will upload the taxsaver ticket on to you card. Once downloaded, simply hold your TFI Leap Card to the back of your NFC-enabled Android smartphone to instantly top-up your TFI Leap Card, collect or buy a pre-paid ticket, and check your balance. ; Choose a Payment Type by clicking and choosing one from the list, then click Select. Once registered: Adult and Child Leap Cards can be refunded or replaced. Student Leap Card - The National Student Travel & Discount Card. See map for regions where TFI Leap Card can be used. If you haven’t already done so, register now to protect your card. How to claim a refund, or replace your Oyster card or season ticket. What is the Student Leap Card How … Is there a fault with your card? PROBLEMS WITH YOUR LEAP TRANSACTIONS? Once you reach your cap you can continue to touch on and off as normal and … Personalised Leap Cards must be ordered via TFI Leap directly. Die speziell für Touristen angebotene “Leap Visitor Card” ist für 72 Stunden nutzbar und kostet 19,50 Euro.Die Laufzeit beginnt mit der ersten Nutzung, nicht etwa direkt beim Kauf. Travel Discounts How to use your SLC for travel How to Top Up TFI Apps Student Deals Apply By Mobile Home About. You'll need to get a refund online. Dublin City Bus Rambler tickets can now be loaded onto your TFI Leap Card in any TFI Leap Card outlet. You must login to your Leap Card account and select the ‘Refund my TFI Leap Card’ option on the left hand side of the screen and follow the instructions on screen. Answer 1 of 4: We are party of 4 going to use public transportation in Dublin (3 nights), Cork (1 night), Killarney (3 nights), Galway (3 nights), Ennis (1 night), and leaving from Shannon airport. I am afraid I am not in a position to offer you a refund of your travel credit, as you have used the Ailink Express service and as you said you still have an unused ticket on your Leap Card, which won't expire if you haven't activated it. Just go online at www.leapcard.ie, activate your card with this function, select the Auto T What is the Student Leap Card How to Get Your Student Leap Card You have your SLC - What Next Our Agents Contact Us Travel. Leap Card look after all top-ups, tickets, transactions and refunds. Re: TFI Leap Card vs visitor leap card . If you wish to use another bank account, click and choose a different bank account from the list, then click Select. ; Enter or select a card who the credit is being refunded to in the Pay To and Address fields. It was introduced in the Greater Dublin area in 2011 for Luas, DART, Iarnród Éireann and Dublin Bus, but acceptance has significantly expanded. Just Top-Up your card with Travel Credit and pay-as-you-go.