These are nice, started chicks just over 2 weeks old. Hens rarely go broody and roosters are known for their quiet, submissive disposition. Cream coloring in the head, chest and neck; Silver-gray coloring in the under-color of all sections For hens the principal characteristics are: Stout, yellow beak, slightly curved with the point in front of the comb. Cream Legbar eggs are a beautiful blue, ranging from light blue to light turquoise. Bonjour, A vendre : plusieurs (magnifiques) coqs Cream Legbar de 11 mois. In addition, the Cream Legbars are auto-sexing males and females are distinguishable at hatch, and lay sky blue … Legbars are wonderful foragers and love to be outside. Roosters are cream with long saddle and hackle feathers, and dark gray … Ace Hardware 22nd and Kolb has just a few Barnevelders and Cream Legbar chicks left in stock. And while their eggs aren't jumbo, they lay prolifically. All the ladies are laying well and everyone managed to survive the bitterly cold winter. My Cream Legbar flock is 11 months old now. ... Race d'origine anglaise créée à partir de Leghorn, Plymouth Rock et Araucana (type anglais), elle en a hérité des talents de très bonne pondeuse, la couleur de l'oeuf de l'araucana (strictement identique), et la caractéristique d'être autosexable à la naissance : poussins coq et … They are sexed and vaccinated against Marek`s disease. This rare, crested chicken lays sky-blue eggs, loves to free-range, and is friendly and calm.It's only been in the country for a few years, so chicken owners are still discovering all of … Bonne journée ! We are APA and Cream Legbar Club members and an NPIP Certified farm inspected … MD - Cream and White Legbar Day-Old Pullet and Cockerel Chicks The Merry Hen is now accepting pre-orders for our 2018 chick season for day-old Cream or White Legbar pullet and cockerel chicks. Cream Legbar Standards and Appearance. Overall, the Crested Cream Legbar is an outstanding chicken breed, which is why it is considered to be one of the top 20 chicken breeds. Cream Legbar, Cream crested Legbar. The Cream Legbar is very different in make up to the Gold or Silver Legbar so is considered by many as a separate breed but at this time, the Poultry Club of Great Britain classifies it as a variety of Legbar. … These unique, crested birds are inquisitive and skilled foragers. The Cream Legbar Chicken has a particular set of standards to meet. One of the most popular auto-sexing breeds in the world, the Cream Legbar is still very rare in the United States. Color Varieties: Cream Legbar, Golden Crele Legbar, an... d White Legbar Gender: Cocks, Hens, Cockerels, or Pullets There is a limit of 2 birds by a breeder in each category, e.g., 2 Cream Legbar pullets, 2 Golden Crele cockerels, etc. If you like to go a-hunting for your eggs, this is the breed for you, because for some odd reason, laying outdoors is their favorite. Our Cream Legbar Breeding Program. Female hens sport a small crest and are silver grey with a salmon-colored breast. Unfortunately both of the cockerels got frostbite on their combs and wattles during the extreme cold; I hope these are the first and last cases of frostbit Legbars as my Legbars … The Cream Legbar breed is a British chicken breed almost a hundred years old, but it is still relatively rare in the United States. You have been given the most important things that you need to know about Crested Cream Legbars – including how the breed originated, its appearance, temperament, size and … The Cream Legbar chickens lay a beautiful blue egg. There are no fees to enter. Enter Today! Cream Legbar Club members and non … Originating in England in the 1940’s, Crested Cream Legbars are a medium sized chicken that produces high quantities of sky blue eggs. The Gold Legbar was the first to be standardised in 1945, followed by Silver Legbar in 1951 and the Cream Legbar … N’hésitez pas à me contacter au 0476/403-729.